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Darrow at Imperial

Sorry for not posting, but I’m still skating! I have been practicing street skating just on concrete sidewalks and driveways, and very recently, I made it out to IMPERIAL SKATEPARK with my friend Darrow (“Flip”) and had a great time skating through the snake.

Darrow and I at Imperial



SK8 Update

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me and my cousin Kerrigan

I haven’t been to any skate parks lately, but did find a new one not far from me in Chippewa, PA at Brady’s Run Park that I look forward to going to now that the weather is nicer. I have been skating whereever I am at though. I keep my skateboard in my car, so whenever I’m somewhere I can skate, so is my board! I skated with my little cousins the other day. They were riding bikes and scooter, and I busted out my skateboard and they were thrilled. I gave my cousins Kerrigan and Leah some lessons and let them skate with my assistance (they are both 5 years old, and they both skate goofy, fyi).

shadow of sk8r me

Street Dreams succeeds as an extended skate video, but fails as a dramatic piece. The story was full of tropes, with the typical narrative of an anti-hero story with classic betrayal and modern day teen angst. The highlight of the acting is definitely Jackass’s Ryan Dunn, though you never see him on his board, just carrying it. It was somewhat strange for me to see actual pro skaters being announced at a competition under the character’s names. The main pro-skaters in the movie were Paul Rodriguez, Rob Dyrdek, Terry Kennedy, and Ryan Sheckler. At several points in the movie, I yelled at the television: “Stop trying to act and get back to skating!”  The best trick performed in the movie was surely Rodriguez character’s NAC (not a chance), a360 flip crooked grind down a handrail. Final review: Worth watching for the skating, fast forward through the rest.

She was a SK8R Grrl

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Just got hip to a couple features on female skaters and wanted to share.

Getting Nowhere Faster– (2004) Produced by the notorious Villa Villa Cola (VVC) squadron, Getting Nowhere Faster brings to light the elusive and mysterious underworld of female skateboarders. Featuring: Vanessa Torres, Amy Caron, Cara Beth Burnside, Elizabeth Nitu, Faye Jaime, Alex White, Patiane Frietas, “Nugget,” Lauren Mollica, Van Nguyen, Lauren Perkins, Lyn-z Adams Hawkins, Stefanie Thomas, Jen Obrien, Kenna Gallagher, and many more!

Links: Spike TV, VVC


AKA: Girl Skater– (2003) Produced by Whyte House Productions. Provides a fascinating insight into the unique and rapidly growing subculture of girl skaters. Featuring: Jaime Reyes, Vanessa Torres, Amy Caron, Monica Shaw, and Dave Carnie as “Mom”

Links: Spike TV, AKA

SK8 Upd8

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Mount Union Sk8

I managed to get in a session at South Park, and a few at Polish Hill since I last posted. I also took my board with me (as it is always in my car ready) to my old college, University of Mount Union in Alliance, OH and saw the town in a new way– on my board! I skated around the campus and down Union Ave past Glamorgan Castle, turned left onto Glamorgan, left on Rockhill, and back down to the Campus Center. It was nice. Going downhill felt really good. It made me wish I’d had the board when I was going to school there! I’m afraid I don’t have any photos from any of this because I was by myself, but I did find a couple photos from way back on May 25. Also, you’ll be pleased to know I did buy a helmet finally. Don’t particularly want to get lectured by hospital staff again. Haha. And in exciting news, my 4 year old cousin Leah wants to learn how to skateboard and her Mom allows me to teach her! My bro Chevi and his daughter will be visiting for my birthday, and I want to get in a street sesh with the girls! Speaking of girls, I just posted a video of some sweet sk8r chicks from Mexico. I watched the Dew Tour this weekend and they commented on Mario Saenz as being one of the few pro sk8rs out of Mexico City, and I found the video of the lady sk8rs when I was doing some research on him on youtube. For anyone who missed the Dew Tour, Chaz Ortiz won the street skate. Ryan Decenzo finished second, and Ryan Sheckler came in third. Rookie Alec Majerus made a good showing, too. I missed vert, but Shaun White took that.

  • Deck: dinosaur jr. old school 8.375″X32.5″
  • Location: West Park, North Side, PGH


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de Mexico!

Hard Headed

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Believe it or not, I was going to stop in Robinson to buy a helmet today. But the traffic deterred me to put it off til tomorrow. Traffic also redirected me to a different than usual route, and before I knew it, I was pulling into the Sheraden Skatepark. There was a kid leaving on a bike and I had the whole place to myself. I was nearly doing laps I was so excited not to have to worry about getting in other people’s way.

At some point I just ate asphalt, propelled straight forward and landing on my head. At first I wasn’t sure if I was hurt. Then I wasn’t sure if I could get up. I stood and wiped the sweat from my forehead with my forearm. I lowered it covered in blood. Using toilet paper to try to staunch the bleeding, it quickly became clear it wasn’t going to stop. Also, I don’t mess around with head injuries, so I drove myself to AGH and got three stitches for my troubles.

Yes, I do appreciate the irony, and yes, I plan on buying w helmet tomorrow.